Election Day Countdown


March 2016 Presidential Primary Election

Last Day to Register to vote is February 1, 2016

Early Voting is from February 16 - 26, 2016

Presidential Primary Election Day is March 1, 2016

2016 Presidential Primary Election Candidates


Our Mission

Educate, Engage and Empower.

The Advocacy Alliance Center of Texas (AACT) was established to unite community organizations, hospitals, business, large employers, schools, universities and financial institutions as well as various state and national partnerships to cultivate voter empowerment in South Texas. The mission of AACT is to educate, engage and empower the community by providing them a network of support to successfully mobilize, register, and track voters across the country, region, and state.


Did you Know?

The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.
Early Voting is the process by which a person can vote during the two weeks before the specified Election Day. You can participate in Early Voting by casting your ballot by mail, or in person at designated early voting polling stations.
Election Day is a specified day, typically the Tuesday following early voting, in which persons can cast their ballot for the election of public offices.
A Primary Election is when voters of each party cast their ballots, usually in the spring time, to choose candidates within their party for specific offices. The winners will then run for office in the General Election against their opposing parties.
A General Election is an election, during the fall, in which local, state, or national elections are held to allow voters to elect officeholders for a wide variety of official offices.
An Incumbent issomebody currently in office or holding an official post, usually in a church or political organization.
A Precinct is a part of a territory with definite bounds or functions often established for administrative purposes such as a subdivision of a county, town, city, or ward for election purposes.
The Electoral College is a constitutionally mandated process for electing the U.S. President and Vice President.  Each state appoints as many electors as it has Senators and Representatives in Congress. A candidate must win 270 of the 538 votes to win the election.
A United States Representative is someone in which the many are represented by person(s) chosen from among them through an election. They are a member of the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress, or on a smaller scale a representative in a state legislature.
A United States Senator is a member of the United States Senate. The U.S. Senate is the smaller group of the two groups that make up the U.S. Congress. They are the people who meet to discuss and make the laws of a county, state, etc.
A United States Congressman is someone who is a member of U.S. Congress and particularly of the U.S. House of Representatives. They are the people who meet to discuss and make the laws of a county, state, etc.
The United States Congress is the group of people who are responsible for making the laws of a country within a government. The U.S. Congress is made of both the Senate (Senators), and the House of Representatives (Congressman, & Representatives).
A Commissioner is an official who is in charge of a government department or part of a government department, or is the representative of the governmental authority within a district, province, or other unit often having both judicial and administrative powers.


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Goal Turnout

AACT Voter Turnout Goal

6.5 out of ten voters


6.5 out of ten voters


6.5 out of ten voters